Be A Part Of These Historically Significant Projects

Sponsor A Kiosk

  • The WorldVoice kiosk platform is a revolutionary way to record, store, and share living histories. Through our all in one technology, our platform makes it easy to give our veterans a voice.

  • The Standing Kiosk strategically placed in a museum foyer or welcome center provides the focal point for the Hear Our Heroes platform.

  • The Desktop Kiosk is ideal for groups and organizations that want a smaller "foot-print" that is used as a desk or workstation.

  • The Tablet Kiosk brings the Hear Our Heroes platform to the veterans. Whether used with traveling groups, for special events, or brought to veterans with limited mobility, The Tablet Kiosk allows for far more mobile and intimate recording opportunities.

Sponsor A Veteran

  • Sponsor a documentary on behalf of a deserving veteran. Your contributions will open the door to history as seen through the eyes of the service men and women who lived it, providing these veterans and their families with a full-length, fully edited documentary.

  • Sponsor a veteran with access to the Valor Vault, a vital part of the Hear Our Heroes platform. The Valor Vault provides the ability to record stories through HD video, audio, writing and uploading of photos. This includes our talking photo technology allowing for the recording of audio stories to photos.

  • This program is invaluable for many reasons. To our veterans it provides an opportunity to tell the story of their service in their own words. To the families, it leaves a rich legacy for generations. To the world, it leaves an authentic history undistorted by time or agenda. These are stories worth remembering.

Sponser Lost Voices

  • Help preserve the distinctiveness and stories of cultures so they can live on forever. Your sponsorship captures, preserves, and shares languages and cultures with the world, thus ensuring their survival.

  • With thousands of languages in danger of becoming extinct we are at risk of not only losing these languages, but also the cultures to which they give life.

  • When a language becomes extinct, a community collapses. That group loses the ability to speak their mother tongue, and to pass it on to their children. In short, the whole culture is ultimately lost.

  • With your support we can continue in the preservation and continued growth of these precious cultures, languages and people.