The Booth Kiosk serves as a unique showpiece for the WorldVoice Project™ System. The Booth Kiosk is also a fully functioning private recording, interview and story viewing room.

With built-in noise dampeneing material, an optional privacy screen, 27" touchscreen TV and 7" touchscreen remote - the Booth Kiosk is the ideal way to have individuals record and share their personal stories and have them securely stored in true HD quality. With the option of an additional seat, the Booth Kiosk also offers a great way to conduct and record interviews for those groups that are wanting to take a more active role in capturing and preserving stories.

Booth Kiosk Specs (pdf)


The Standing Kiosk serves as the museum marker and center piece. Strategically placed in a museum foyer, park or welcome center, the Standing Kiosk acts not only as a showpiece but is also a fully functioning recording station. The sponsored kiosk provides a World Voice program introduction video, a platform capability demonstration video, a Sponsor a Veteran Program donation capability, and directs the user to other private kiosks.


The Desktop Kiosk computer is a combination computer, touchscreen and web cam. This compact “all-in-one” design makes the delivery, installation and placement of these simple and more affordable.

The Desktop Kiosk is ideal for groups and organizations that are wanting a smaller “foot-print” and have it be used as a desk or workstation. This would be a good fit as a companion to the Standing Kiosk. Clients who desire a display piece can also purchase these to supplement their recording and display abilities.


The Tablet Kiosk brings the Hear Our Heroes™ platform to the veterans. Whether used with traveling groups, for special events, or brought to veterans with limited mobility, The Tablet Kiosk allows for far more mobile and intimate recording opportunities.

More than the classic Android or iPad – this tablet is more of a "computer" in tablet form with true HD video recording.